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Check out these delicious French dishes that taste especially good in autumn

Food lovers, autumn is the time to visit France

  • October 14, 2018 09:33
  • Author S. Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

Autumn is a particularly good time for food lovers from all over the world to visit France. Now is the time that one can find nearly everything on the food market and taste some of France's most delicious autumn dishes. Check some of them out:


Venison stew

The fanstastic autumn evenings can be made even more so by trying out the Venison stew - the rural meat dish goes particularly well with a bottle of red wine and mushrooms.


This dish resembles a quite thick potato pancake, prepared with goose fat and cheese. For those who eat meat - bacon or any other meat can be easily added to enrich the taste of the dish.


This fish even has a festival dedicated to it in the north coast of France. There are many ways to prepare it but if you visit the region, you will be more surprised by the local ways of serving the fish. 

Pumpkin pie

This pie is kind of an extraordinary specialty in France. It is very common in the central part of the country. Think before you attempt to prepare it though - the canned pumpkin puree in France is very expensive, so it would probably be a better idea if you buy the fresh pumpkin right from the shelves of the local market. 


Source: TheLocal

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