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Children in Amadora can learn about sustainable mobility

The first Mobility School in Portugal was opened earlier this week

  • September 25, 2020 18:30
  • Author Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov
Medium amadora mobility school
Source: Municipality of Amadora

European Mobility Week might be over now, but it has left us with some tangible results that can serve as an example to build upon. One of these was the inauguration, earlier this week, of the first Mobility School in Amadora – a satellite municipality of Lisbon. Its mission will be to teach youngsters not only the rules of the road but also how to be better citizens through sustainable mobility.

Sustainable mobility is one of the hallmarks of responsible citizenship

The Mobility School represents a conceptual upgrade rather than the construction of brand-new infrastructure. It will be located at what used to be the Traffic School at Parque Aventura.

Its courses are aimed at children aged between 6 and 14 and its classes will be taught in the afternoons between 14:00 and 17:00.

Combining theoretical and practical classes and using a variety of sustainable mobility electrical and pedal-powered vehicles the students will be able to learn how to be responsible and follow the rules of the road from a young age.

But this is not all. The training has a comprehensive and holistic goal of engendering better citizens, who are mindful of others and the environment.

“This is a great challenge. Children are the main vehicle for change, and this is an opportunity to move environmental policies from paper to practice,” said Ana Venâncio, President of the Parish Council of Falagueira-Venda Nova, which is partnering the Municipality of Amadora in this project.

Mobility these days is starting to be understood as a multi-dimensional concept that goes beyond traffic safety towards a new philosophy of urban life. Understanding the ideas behind sharing spaces and living sustainably can be incorporated into the process of growing up.

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