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Cluj-Napoca plans to build aqua park

The investment will be 41.7 million euros

  • March 05, 2019 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

The City Council of Cluj-Napoca plans a large aqua park. The new project will be built in the neighborhood of Gheorgheni. It will have a covered surface of 20,900 sqm, the outside part will encompass pools, green areas and pedestrian alleys spreading on over 100,000 sqm. The aqua park will accommodate around 2,000 people and will have relaxation pools, pool bar, playground and a pool for children and restaurants. The main attraction will be the 15.5-meter-high King Cobra slide. There will be a parking for over 1,200 places.

Cluj-Napoca plans to build aqua park

The total amount of the investment is estimated at 41.7 million euros, without VAT. The aqua park is part of a larger project called “Masterplan Zona Verde – Est”, which entails the building of an urban natural park, a recreation park and zone for sport activities.

Source: Cluj-Napoca Municipality

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