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Cohesion Policy - 30 Years Investing in the Future of European Regions

Become part of the initiative by organising local or regional events

  • July 07, 2018 18:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium cohesion30
Source: European Commission

In 2018, EU cohesion policy celebrates its 30th anniversary. Cohesion policy has been accompanying the evolutions of the European Union. From the creation of the single market to the need to foster convergence to underpin the EMU, successive enlargements and most recently, the need to respond to the migration crisis. Also in the future, cohesion policy shall stay at the very core of the Union's development. It will enable the EU to harness globalisation, and to foster prosperous economies, caring societies and sustainable growth through innovation and skills.

2018 is the year to take stock and to look at what lies ahead. Throughout the year, the European Commission will organise events and exhibitions around 30 years cohesion policy. You can become part of this initiative by organising local or regional events.

Source: European Commission

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