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Contactless electronic ticket on Barcelona’s buses

TMB introduces the single electronic ticket with contactless validation on the bus

  • June 20, 2020 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium testing the single electronic bus ticket tmb
Source: TMB

Purchasing and validating tickets on Barcelona’s public transport has just become easier. The metropolitan transport operator (TMB) has integrated the option to buy tickets from its mobile application. This way, upon boarding the vehicle, the user can scan a QR code -without touching any surfaces, money or communicating with the driver.

Riding a bus in Barcelona becomes safer and more convenient

The online purchasing and validation of the single bus ticket is possible using TMB app since 17 June. This is the newest service that TMB adds to its portfolio, on top of transport cards.

The implementation of the single electronic bus ticket was accelerated by the company with regards to the health emergency, caused by Covid-19, Barcelona being among the most affected territories of Spain. In these conditions, bus drivers do not sell tickets or provide any customer service.

single electronic bus ticketPurchasing a single ticket electronically in Barcelona now possible in a few easy steps. Photo: TMB

However, the benefits of the new system exceed the domain of health, explains TMB: purchasing electronic tickets shortens the downtime at bus stops considerably. Allowing the users to pay by credit or debit card is also more convenient for many and reduces the amount of cash onboard which is considered more environmentally friendly.

Purchasing the e-ticket is simple and works through the TMB app. Once installed, one needs to go to the tickets’ section and finish their purchase. Then, tickets are validated with a QR code located in the validation area. The conditions for the validity of the ticket will be the same as for the single paper ticket.

The online sale of integrated transport tickets was introduced by TMB at the end of 2018. It consists of the online purchase, the collection of code and the exchange for the physical card in the vending machines of the subway network.

This type of transport solutions is without any doubt the future of urban transport. Electronic tickets save us time and inconveniences and protect our health by avoiding the use of money - one of the dirtiest, bacteria-laden items in our lives.

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