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Copenhagen launched a competition for picking up waste

The prize is a cargo bike

  • July 05, 2019 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium copenhagen

Copenhagen has launched initiative to encourage public rubbish collection, announced the Municipality. The city asks what would happen if all 626,350 Copenhageners gathered just one piece of garbage a day during the summer. People are encouraged to pick up waste in the Danish capital, take a selfie and post it on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag, #takforskrald or join Snapchat and send snap to ‘kbhkommune’. The only condition of the competition is that people have to collect garbage only within Copenhagen. The competition runs until August 12 after which the city will draw a random winner for the prize, which is a cargo bike.    

By implementing an integrated programme over many years, Copenhagen is sending less than 2% of its waste to a landfill. Almost 60% of the waste is recycled and maximum use is made of the residual waste to generate heat for the city’s district heating network. National legislation has provided an integrated solution – a suite of strategies, policies and investments, that ensure a high rate of recycling and conversion of waste to energy. Waste management is an important element in sustainability as it can help optimise resource consumption through recycling and reuse. Furthermore, waste constitutes a renewable energy source. In this context intelligent, long-term and holistic Waste Management is vital for the Danish capital.

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