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Copenhagen on its way to becoming the first carbon neutral capital in the world

The project should be completed by 2025

  • September 26, 2019 17:40
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium copenhagen

The transition to a green economy has been a longtime priority for the capital of Denmark. Establishing an efficient transit systems, ranging from buses and trains to one of the world's most extensive cycling lane networks was just a small step towards this strategic goal. Now, the new climate plan CPH 2025 reveals the ambition of Copenhagen to become a carbon neutral capital by 2025. According Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, the plan is ambitious but achievable reminding that: "We are already well underway. In 2011, the city had reduced CO2 emissions by 21% compared to 2005".            

Copenhagen is actively promoting a green economy and its plan states that the projects should secure and improve the quality of life and create opportunities for innovation, jobs and green growth. To achieve this aim, the city plan includes substantial infrastructure projects. Some of the highlights of the new agenda are a transition of its energy supply to sustainable sources, retrofitting buildings with green technology, and making improvements to waste management, public infrastructure and mobility. This plan will also reprecent a massive investment by Copenhagen taxpayers. It is estimated that the city government will spend approximately 2.7 billion kroner in just six years to fully implement the planned projects.

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