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Coronavirus testing centre inaugurated at Frankfurt airport

Officials hope that through such a move they will provide a blueprint for the mass reopening of borders and for reallowing air travel

  • July 05, 2020 20:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The creation and adaptation to a “new normal” are on everyone’s mind these days. How and when will our societies – in their entireties – be able to return to how things were before the pandemic, before the closed borders and before mass lockdowns and quarantines? These are the kinds of questions that officials and businesses are all trying to answer.

Just a few weeks ago, at the very start of Europe’s gradual reopening, Vienna’s airport announced that it will be providing COVID-19 tests for those who are interested in them, thus potentially allowing travellers to not have to enter into quarantine upon arriving at their destinations. The same approach has now been taken by Germany’s largest airfield – namely, the Frankfurt airport.

Adapting to a new kind of daily life

Airline operators Fraport and Lufthansa, alongside biotech firm Centogene, have launched the new COVID-19 testing centre on the grounds of the Frankfurt airport. The goal of these organisations is clear – to light the path towards creating a new normal, to provide a blueprint for others to follow that would allow travel to return to how it was as soon as possible and with as little disruption as possible.

The centre, located near the main terminal, will be available to all those who wish to test themselves prior to take-off. The results can be useful if individuals fear being placed in mandatory quarantine upon arrival at their respective destinations and can spare them a lot of time, nerves and hassle.

The tests vary in how long it takes for the results to come out. Some can be taken the day prior to take-off, while the quickest (and most expensive) ones will deliver results in just 2-3 hours. Said results will then be delivered to the passengers through a perfectly secure digital platform that is connected to their tickets.

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