Croatian Independence Day


Independence Day in Croatia is known as ‘Dan neovisnosti’. The date marks a turning point in Croatian history after its centuries-long relationship with the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The Empire collapsed with the conclusion of World War I. As a result, Croatia soon became one of the six republics formed under Yugoslavia.

Croatia chose the date 25 June 1991 to declare its independence from Yugoslavia, the holiday is now known as Croatian Statehood Day. A lot of more work had to be done before the country was granted complete independence.   

A week after declaring independence from Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovenia signed the Brijuni Declaration. This agreement created a moratorium that lasted 3 months regarding any declarations on secession or parliamentary acts as the negotiators in Europe attempted to reach an agreement on Yugoslavia’s future. As these discussinos ended in failure, Croatia continued with its decision to assert its independence - this happened on 8th October 1991. Happy National Holiday, Croatia!