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Cypriot airports set for early June reopening

The date currently under consideration is 9 June

  • May 24, 2020 11:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Over the last week, Cyprus has slowly been making its return back to normal. With the country’s government deciding to proceed with the lifting of lockdown restrictions thanks to the exemplary results shown in terms of reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Throughout the last few days, many businesses were finally allowed to reopen after months in lockdown, bleeding revenue and incurring immense economic loss for their owners and employees. Among the venues that were allowed to reopen were beauty salons, outdoor spaces of restaurants and cafes, parks, playgrounds and citizens can finally freely visit each others’ homes.

Opening up to the world

Yet perhaps the most important decision that is currently being discussed is the opening of airports and the reallowing of tourists to the island. Such a move is of vital importance to the Cypriot economy, as the tourism sector plays a vital role in its dynamics.

The government’s current proposed date for the reopening of the Paphos and Larnaca airports is 9 June – just one week after hotels get the green light to reopen for visitors. The government’s health experts have been asked to prepare a list of 20 countries whose citizens will be allowed to freely travel to and from the island – basing the final decision on the countries’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as their importance to the national tourism sector.

It is with near certainty that visitors from Greece and Israel will be among those first allowed in Cyprus, once restrictions are removed. The three countries have been in talks for the opening of a tourism “safe zone” that would allow their constituents to travel with a substantially reduced risk of infection, thus guaranteeing their rights to a summer vacation.

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