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Cypriot resorts eye opening of summer season

In Protaras, Paralimni is gearing up for a storm in the summer months, while Ayia Napa is still contemplating the best possible approach

  • May 04, 2020 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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With summer on the horizon, citizens and tourism-oriented businesses are all asking themselves the same question – will there be a proper summer vacation, or will the lockdown measures prevent Europeans from going on their traditional yearly holidays?

While officials from all across the continent have expressed cautious optimism that solutions will be found and restrictions will be lifted by the time summer is truly in its swing, pending scientist advice, there is currently not enough certainty for a straight answer to be given.

Municipalities and private enterprises venturing into the unknown

In Cyprus, the summer season is especially important to the country’s economy. The prospect of it being lost this year makes the already dire circumstances in which the local economy finds itself in, appear even worse.

That is why some cities are taking matters into their own hands to ensure that they are ready to meet and greet tourists should the flying ban introduced by the country’s authorities be suspended. Administrations and businesses alike well understand that they will be engaging in fierce competition with each other not only in terms of prices but also in terms of healthcare and social distancing opportunities as part of a battle to win over as many tourists as possible – and as many as they could fit.

In Protaras, for example, one of the country’s most preferred resorts Paralimni is already standing ready to greet tourists both domestic and international. Supported by the local administration, the tourism industry is making all the necessary preparations for an extraordinary summer.

Meanwhile, in Ayia Napa, however, the officials are not as sure and certain in its local businesses’ abilities to operate during the summer. Nonetheless, they have stated their intent to support those who do prove eager to do so in any way they can.

But one thing remains certain - with municipal aid, resorts, hotels and beaches that can best adapt to the new and radically different circumstances will certainly be able to come out on top of this crisis once they're allowed to operate.

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