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Cyprus hosts online event to combat domestic violence

The seminar will give guidelines on how women can keep themselves safe during the lockdown

  • April 13, 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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One of the worst side-effects of the government-imposed lockdown measures across Europe has been the sharp rise in domestic violence cases on the continent. In many situations, women have been left stranded alongside their abusers, without the opportunity to go outside and seek help as such action would be in contradiction with the stringently enforced self-isolation rules.

That is why countries and cities have begun mulling and implementing plans aimed towards helping the victims who have been suffering excessively throughout the coronavirus crisis. For example, France has set up support points in supermarkets and has begun providing hotel rooms for victims, while the Romanian capital of Bucharest recently held the inauguration of its largest social centre for victims of domestic violence. 

Cyprus taking action

On 15 April, the One Woman At A Time, Cyprus initiative will be hosting a free virtual event called “Abused Synonymous: How to “Shut-Out” your COVID-19 abuser legally”. The goal of the event is to give women the legal tools they need in order to protect themselves from their abusers. More specifically, it will explain to viewers how they can gain access to courts for no-contact orders without leaving their homes and thus without breaking the rules of the lockdown.

In Cyprus, courts have been shut down and are allowed to convene only in cases of emergency. Luckily, domestic abuse falls in that category, thus giving women the opportunity to seek legal protection.

Those who are interested in finding out more details about the procedure must only connect with the One Woman At A Time, Cyprus Facebook page and ask for a link to their Zoom conference.

This is meant to be only the first of a series of events that are meant to help and safeguards the life of women that are being put in danger because of the quarantine and self-isolation measures that have been put in place across the island.

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