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Dancers take to the streets of Klaipėda

The e-buses, designed and manufactured in the Lithuanian port city, are a dream come true

  • April 10, 2020 20:30
  • Author TheMayor.EU
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Source: Klaipeda Municipality

They are a nice pair indeed - young, shiny and, as befits dancers, very agile. The two blue electric buses are already doing the rounds in Klaipėda, following their acquisition by the municipal transport company UAB Klaipėdos autobusų parkas. And what brings an added sparkle to the gaze of onlookers, is that the ultra-modern and ecological vehicles are exclusively designed and manufactured in Klaipėda.

The decision to procure the Dancer buses was in line with the tasks set in the EU climate directives and the “National Air Pollution Reduction Plan” approved by the Lithuanian government. This week, the e-buses are being test-driven and after Easter, they will start transporting passengers on Route 8 of the Lithuanian port city.

"The seemingly utopian idea of ​​having an electric bus created by Klaipėda residents, made in Klaipėda and transporting passengers through the city streets - has finally come true. I feel proud and I am sure that this is just the beginning - electric buses created in Klaipeda will make the city famous not only in Lithuania,” said Vytautas Grubliauskas, Mayor of Klaipeda, quoted by the municipal website.

A Dancer can seat 32 passengers and carry 93 altogether. The bus is equipped with an advanced climate control system, high-speed wireless internet for passengers, USB slots for mobile phones and an automatic ramp for the lifting of wheelchair. The driver’s experience is facilitated by a new generation of night vision cameras that broadcast 3D images of the environment to mirror screens.

Ahead of the competition

The e-bus developed in Klaipeda is more economical, emits less vibration and noise and is the lightest in the world, compared to other buses of similar size, claims the bus creator, Vėjo projektai company.  

The extremely strong and safe Dancer body is made of composite materials, most of which are recycled PET bottle plastic. The bus is powered by renewable electricity, which is purchased directly from wind farms. 

Along with the new buses, Vėjo projektai has installed an extremely fast charging station near the Klaipėda bus station. It allows charging Dancer electric buses in less than 10 minutes. Spectacularly, a Dancer can travel 90 kilometers on a single charge.

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