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Darmstadt has won Germany’s first ever Digital City award

Last year, the science city already received a Digital Leader Award for its open data project on traffic flow improvement

  • April 03, 2018 12:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Facebook / Digitalstadt Darmstadt

Darmstadt was pronounced the overall winner and recipient of several million Euros earmarked for getting the city and its infrastructure in perfect shape for a successful digital future. The city wants to push digitalization sustainably. Darmstadt is the first city in a decade to switch its entire tram power supply to 100% green electricity. It launched a connected parking app, designed to help residents and visitors alike to find and reserve parking spots. The project includes also an experiment with autonomous busses and semi-autonomous trams

By 2025, traffic will be completely electric while residents enjoy greater access to car sharing and other sharing models. The city will no longer be the sole domain of the car, but rather an organism to be navigated using the best possible mode of transport for each route or occasion, whether that’s a car or an e-bike. Mobility is about to undergo a seismic shift. In the near future, the city will become even more liveable and pedestrians will experience a new level of comfort.

Source: Smart Magazine

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