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Debrecen strives to become a food-saving city

In the context of 1.8 million tons of food wasted annually

  • September 30, 2019 11:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium szabo viktor debrecen unsplash

Approximately 1.8 million tons of food waste is generated in Hungary every year and the city of Debrecen wants that to change. Here is why the local council, together with its partners, launched a food-saving programme earlier in September. The aim of the action is to stimulate the local business organizations to avoid throwing away superfluous food that is still suitable for consumption by humans. Instead, they can offer it for charitable purposes, while adhering to strict food safety rules.

The food-saving programme was presented on 12 September. The mayor of Debrecen László Papp took part in a press-conference after which unsold food was transported by citizens to the families shelter and a shelter for homeless people on Dobozi Street.

All dealers, producers and stores in Debrecen can join the campaign. Anyone can use the campaign's website www.foodgroup.com to report when they have food about to expire within 24 hours. The service allows to the organisation of food deliveries to collection points by specifying the product type, quantity, shelf life and value.

The programme allows for the saving of food such as baked goods, meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Donations are collected by the Hajdú-Bihar County Food Bank Association and distributed to the needy with the help of its charity partner organizations.

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