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Design and management of networking and capacity building activities for European Heritage Label sites

A call for proposals under the Creative Europe programme with deadline 03/01/2019

  • October 24, 2018 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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The European Heritage Label (EHL) started as an intergovernmental initiative in 2006, which aims to "strengthen the support of European citizens for a shared European identity based on democratic values and human rights and to foster a sense of belonging to a common cultural space". The specific objectives of the call for proposals are:

  • To promote networking for the EHL sites;
  • To encourage the sites to develop joint projects such as youth exchanges and volunteering, staff mobility, joint curatorial work, etc.;
  • To increase the capacity of the sites to act at international level, through training of site managers and exchange of staff among EHL sites;
  • To support the development of joint educational programmes and joint marketing;
  • To develop tourism products;
  • To improve the visibility of the EU action and of the EHL sites.

To be eligible applicants should:

  • Be active in the cultural and creative sectors as defined in article 2 of the Regulation;
  • establishing the Creative Europe programme;
  • Have a strong connection with the European Heritage Label;
  • Be legally established in one of the countries participating in the Culture Subprogramme.

The maximum grant will be 500.000 €. There are currently 38 sites holding the EHL. The full list of call documents, accepted activities, eligible organizations and detailed information is available at this link.

Source: The European Commission

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