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Destroyed world`s heritage sites can be restored by 3D-printing

Images can be accessed also in virtual reality

  • May 07, 2018 21:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

Using a range of imaging techniques - from photogrammetry to airborne laser scanning today is possible to create 3D models of landmarks that are thousands of years old. The models are created by bouncing laser light off the surfaces of the monuments. 3D scanners measure and record millions of points a second. The digital scans are accurate to within a few millimeters. 3D imaging is being used to capture and document some of the European threatened cultural heritage sites.

The digital scans are used to create a detailed 3D data set of the structure. The data could also be put to use in further modelling and to assist in the reconstruction of damaged heritage sites. Today, images can be accessed also in virtual reality.

Source: World Economic Forum

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