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Development of “green lungs” in Palma

An EBRD financed project enters into its third phase

  • March 24, 2020 13:00
  • Author TheMayor.EU
Medium development of green lungs in palma
Source: City Council of Palma

Palma is one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. At the same time, due to the heavy touristic inflow, heavy traffic and hotels its environment suffers a lot of damage. It is not only Palma, but the whole region that receives criticism for its low environmental responsibility towards nature conservation, recycling, sustainability, etc.

Palma, however, has started a project financed by EBRD that will recover Bellver Forest and turn it into the true “green lungs” of the island.

Green lungs in the heart of Palma

The project started with a clear goal – to save the forest that has suffered during the years and to make Palma more sustainable.

It just entered its third phase with a budget of approximately 260,000 euros. Half of this amount comes from EBRD.

This phase includes several different types of works:

  • New and sustainable road infrastructure around the forest. This part will allow for better organization of transport, people inflow, and traffic. This infrastructure meets all necessary environmental requirements.
  • Walking routes (6,823m) through the forest for both locals and visitors to enjoy.
  • Planting of more trees (the goal of Palma is to plant 10,000 trees around the island).

The works conducted and the materials used are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Most of them are natural – limestone is used for the pavements and the curbs, for example. The surface is with maximum throughput according to the requirements.

According to the mayor, Jose Hila, the future of Palma is sustainability and the first step towards it is to have “green lungs”. The renovation works will help save the forest and give the people a new place to enjoy nature. He added that the works are designed in such a way so as not to damage the trees or any of the existing natural habitats but to help them regenerate.

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