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Digital card guides and informs volunteers in the campaign “Let's Clean Bulgaria Together”

It will make life easier for everyone on the day of the big cleanup - 14 September

  • August 29, 2019 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium digitalna karta da izchistim balgaria zaedno
Source: bTV Media Group

The Green card of the largest volunteer initiative “Let's Clean Bulgaria Together”  aims to become the main assistant and virtual guide to all environmentalists and participants. The platform offers features that will make it easier for action organizers on the day of the big cleanup on September 14th and will help them to find new volunteers.

You can find the digital map on the campaign site, and anyone who wants to get involved in the initiative has the opportunity to mark a place where he/she will organize a clean-up action. When creating an action for a specific point in Bulgaria, the map automatically geolocalizes the place. Each highlighted point on the map also has an individual link that can be shared across the online space and social networks for greater and more accurate information. What is new in the creation of a campaign - the clear and precise definition of the activities that will be carried out depending on the location chosen by the organizer - cleaning, restoration of benches or signs, painting of fences and facilities, etc. This way, detailed information will be much more accessible to the community in the respective region and will help make gathering the required number of volunteers and participants in the specific action faster and easier.

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