Discover the eco-neighbourhood of Arsenal

This district in Rueil near Paris has received several distinctions for sustainable development

  • December 13, 2018 11:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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A hotbed of civil and military industry at the time, the district of Arsenal has become an exemplary place for sustainable and ecological development in a few years only. After the deconstruction of the buildings of NATO, the district will build housing and a new generation sports centre before 2020.

The objectives of the eco-neighbourhood project are to achieve green development in five directions: travel, quality of life, energy consumption, preservation of water resources and waste management.

But what are the intelligent solutions applied by this French city's neighbourhood? The commitment to an optimal insulation of the houses for energy efficiency, a conscious heating network, detection of the insulation defects of the buildings and raising awareness of the owners about diagnosis, intelligent management of waste underground containers, usage of more efficient river water; and finally, an energy performance that exceeds the expectations of the national regulations for new buildings.

These are thus carried out in four stages. After the launch of the project with the signature of the eco-district charter by the municipality of Rueil in December 2014, the label is awarded to the City by the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion. The project is put forward and once obtained, the label is confirmed three years later.

In addition to this distinction, the city receives a label "City of tomorrow" and that of "100 innovative and ecological neighbourhoods", by the region of the Île-de-France in 2016.

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