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Discover the Tram Experience

For its sixth year, the Tram Experience is asking a series of prestigious Belgian chefs to create menus that are completely in tune with a particular season

  • January 08, 2019 21:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Do you want to explore Brussels while sitting in a specially re-fitted luxury classic tram? The Tram Experience is taking passengers through a tour of the city, all while sitting back with a glass of great wine and enjoying a gourmet meal. Six tours are offered each week, with all tours departing from Poelaert Square and lasting between 2 hours and 2 hours 45 minutes. A dinner for two costs between 200 and 200 Euros.

Passengers will be served a six- or seven-course meal put together by top Belgian chefs, whilst passing by the most beautiful places of Brussels by night. The menus are completely in tune with the particular season and only fresh and high quality products are used. Tram Experience is remarkably supervised by top chef Lionel Rigolet who brings along rigor and expert knowledge. The tram ride has been a great success so far so if you want to assure your table you better reserve it in advance.

Source: visit.brussels

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