Discover vocations in short supply and get hired in no time

Les Mardis d’avenir are a way to rediscover the jobs with high employment potential

  • November 12, 2018 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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In several Belgian cities in Region Wallonia the Tuesdays of the Future are organized. These are interactive days allowing rediscovering vocations in short supply of staff.  Every Tuesday the secrets of a different job or sector are unveiled in a training centre, in the presence of a professional, capable of answering all your questions regarding the job. This allows for a fast inscription and rapid entering in training of young people.

The job market analysis allows distinguishing several types of jobs, characterized by short supply of candidates, which prevents from responding to market needs. Among them:  butcher, computer developer, industrial mechanic, electro mechanic, refrigeration technician, civil engineering mechanic, heavy-duty driver, specialized nurse, roofer, electrical installer, construction draftsman, etc.  Critical functions, on the other hand, are characterised by lower job satisfaction and consequentially - it takes time to find candidates. For example: site manager, baker, web developer, body painter, sales manager, general nurse, quality manager, wood structure erector, sales representative.

Finally, the vocations which evolve or are bound to evolve in the following years in order to adapt to the digital, robotic and environmental changes are called “jobs of the future”. Some examples: energy advisor, game designer, computer security expert, mechatronics technician, industrial robotics technician, e-commerce manager.

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