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Dreaming of life after quarantine on Greece’s islands

Already planning for where you’ll be headed after quarantine ends? These Greek islands are the perfect choice

  • April 19, 2020 20:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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We’re all stuck at home, and we’re all already looking forward to the lockdowns ending so that our lives can get back to normal. One of the first things people will be looking forward to doing is travelling to other parts of the world in order to get some rest and relaxation away from their homes that have for the most part turned into offices over the last few weeks.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best places you can visit is sunny and beautiful Greece and its many islands. Their pristine beaches and gorgeous vistas are the perfect getaway destinations after enduring months in self-isolation.

Why not Corfu?

As is the case with pretty much every other part of Greece, the moment you set foot in Corfu, you’re already knee-deep in history. The ancient town of Kerkyra, a UNESCO world heritage site, might serve as a perfect staging point for your many visits to Corfu’s numerous beaches or to one of the island’s historic villages that have preserved the spirit and feel of times-gone-by.

Making the case for Rhodes

Dreaming of life after quarantine on Greece’s islands

On Rhodes, there’s something for everyone. It was once the home of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world – namely its namesake, the Colossus of Rhodes. History buffs will also discover ancient ruins dating back thousands of years sprawled all across the island.

For those not particularly interested in such locations, they will also find numerous beaches surrounded by the gorgeous countryside of one of Greece’s most visited and famous islands.

The convenience of Paros

Paros is a favourite destination not only for tourists but for citizens of Athens as well. It is located near the capital and serves as the perfect weekend getaway for locals.

It can also be the perfect beach visit for those who are visiting the Greek capital for other reasons – like for example marvelling at its history, architecture and culture.

One thing’s for certain – once the lockdown is over, there are plenty of reasons for you to visit Greece and its many beautiful islands. 

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