Educational game to help families from the Netherlands save on energy and bills

Teaching energy-saving behaviour to the youngest

  • August 26, 2020 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Energy-saving behaviour is not something that comes naturally to most of us. Rather, it requires perseverance and a lot of learning before finally turning it into a way of life. The task becomes even more challenging for families with children.

This is precisely what a Dutch educational game wants to change. With Junior Energy Coach, families will learn how energy saving at home can be both fun and easy.

The next edition starts in October and is open to families from 18 municipalities in the Netherlands.

Saving energy can be fun and financially profitable

Junior Energy Coach has a twofold purpose - to help contribute to a cleaner environment and reduce spending on energy bills. Its aim is giving families more insight into how to easily save energy at home.

The next edition of the game starts on 3 October and will run for five weeks with each week being dedicated to a different assignment. It is a project for the whole family that will appreciate how the Energy Coach trains children (7-12 years) to get passionate about energy saving.

junior energy coachThe message of Junior Energie Coach: You can laugh with energy.
Image by Junior Energiecoach / Michiel Hoving

The game will be played by children and adults together, both online and offline. It includes fun, educational assignments, puzzles, experiments and more.

Knowledge and awareness about energy will increase as players progress through the levels. Teams will receive a Junior Energy Coach diploma with a surprise. Arjan Lucius, Founder of Junior Energie Coach, said for TheMayor.EU that they hope that no fewer than 1000 households will participate. 

Those households that want to become part of this adventure can apply before 27 September on the game's website. Participation is aided with assistance from the 18 participating municipalities, which will help with the distribution of starting packs.

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