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Eindhoven with its excellent citizen-centric Smart city solutions

The new 15-years Smart City Project “Roadmap Urban Lighting Eindhoven 2030”

  • March 09, 2018 18:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Facebook / Eindhoven City

Together with Manchester (UK) and Stavanger (Norway), Eindhoven is acting as a “Lighthouse City” for the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Triangulum project, seeking to drive smart city innovations globally by demonstrating real solutions that are smart, sustainable, and inclusive. The project places a focus on the areas of energy use and CO2 emissions, open data and data infrastructure, sustainable and affordable housing. The new 15-years smart city project “Roadmap Urban Lighting Eindhoven 2030” will engage and empower its residents in the process of investing into Eindhoven as a Smart City.

Eindhoven will be the world’s first “crowdsourced” smart city. The Dutch town is seen as a true pioneer in what is seen  as an evolutionary path towards transformation into a smart city. Public lighting is closely interwoven with a city’s infrastructure. In addition to light it represents a ready digital platform for acquiring and sharing information and services that provide real value to the citizens. The implementation of innovative energy saving technologies will reduce energy bills and limit CO2 emissions with a factor three (67%).

Source: Bee Smart City

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