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EU postpones funding program WIFI4EU in autumn 2018

Due to technical errors

  • August 27, 2018 13:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: European Commission

Those who have heard that the EU is going to get “Free Wifi for Europeans”, may have to wait a little longer. The European Commission put out a first call on May 15th, to attribute vouchers on a “first come, first served,” basis – but it could not have gone (much) more wrong. The call was wildly popular, but plagued with technical problems. Municipalities filed over 3.500 applications in just five minutes, after the call for project was launched at 15 May 13:00:00 Brussels time.

However, while the call was ongoing, the Commission was alerted by an external source on two vulnerabilities of the system, risking both unauthorised access to personal data just some days before the GDPR came into effect, and a second that allowed the Municipalities to alter the call entry time depending on the local time of the computer used to file the project application. The WiFi4EU Portal was therefore shut down approximately 4 hours after its opening and the call is therefore currently de facto suspended. The European Commission decidet to restart the program in October. The registration portal will be open in the second half of September, the Ministry of Transport announced. Municipalities already registered do not need a second one. They can check the validity of their documents and, if necessary, replace them.More news on the topic expect from TheMayor.eu.

Source: European Commission

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