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European Green Capital Network prepares the cities for the future

A Future-Proof Toolkit with case studies was launched to help cities become resilient towards climate change

  • May 08, 2019 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: European Green Capital Network - Future-proof workshop, Nijmegen, Nov 2018

The European Green Capital Network has launched a Future-Proof Toolkit with case studies, guidance and insider tips on how cities can become more resilient to environmental change. This is the first of five toolkits addressing the challenges that cities face in becoming more sustainable. Thus, the case studies highlight the achievements, but also present the challenges faced – be it political, administrative or related to public perception. The Toolkit provides links to practical tools, videos, information sources and also advice on more general topics such as inequality and uncertainty, including expert contributions from member cities. Among them are Nijmegen’s citizen-led approach to reducing flood risk, Hamburg’s plans to build 100 hectares of green roofs, and Lisbon’s green infrastructure programme.

Key themes include the potential of nature-based solutions, embracing the expertise of residents, and recognising that environmental transformation is just as dependent on the social aspect and joint citizen efforts and that each attempt to provide access to nature that all communities can enjoy should necessarily involve locals. As exemplified through the case of Lisbon, “the allotment gardens, bike-friendly infrastructure, open gyms and ecological corridors help encourage active modes of transport, decrease environmental impacts, and simply provide residents, workers and tourists with a more attractive and liveable city, while enabling Lisbon to adapt to climate change and become future-proof”.

With these activities the Network aims to convey the message to other European cities that, through natural interventions and an inclusive approach, all of them could become future-proof.

Next Wednesday, 22 May, to accompany the launch of the Toolkit, the Network organizes a webinar open for cities and other interested parties willing to learn from the experiences of the Network in future-proofing their cities. Follow this link to register.

For additional info, contact Lucy Russell - Communications and Member Relations at ICLEI Europe,

Leopoldring 3, 79098, Freiburg, Germany,

network@europeangreencapital.eu or +49 761/368920

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