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European transport to be transformed by electric buses and e-mobility

The transformation of the Old Continent has been very slow due to the overprotection of the auto sector

  • July 07, 2018 20:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Electric public transport is set to play a larger role in Europe’s efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions and local pollutants. European policy makers and automotive companies are moving very slow in the reduction of emissions due to the overprotection of the auto sector. A key challenge for many cities to shift to using new vehicles and especially new fuels are both technical and financial.

Even though, the European automotive industry is incrementally transitioning to electric cars through stepping stone vehicle platforms, such as the new 48-volt mild hybrid car (which is not really a proper electric car). European electric vehicle (EV) sales are increasing, thanks to national government incentives, among other policies. Sales in 2017 reached almost 250 000 units, however, this remains a very small quantity in relation to the 19 million passenger cars sold in the same year.

Source: Government Europa

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