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Expano, Slovenia’s regional promotional centre, to finally open its doors to visitors on 13 April

After the concept was first introduced in Milan 4 years ago, it has finally returned home and is ready to receive visitors

  • April 12, 2019 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Expano Facebook

After a 4-year-long trip from first being unveiled in Milan in 2015, Expano has finally returned to its home country. The municipality of Murska Sobota is hosting the centre and aims to revive, promote and improve the tourist and investor experience in the region. The project is valued at 4.8 million euro and is financed by the European Union, the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Murska Sobota.

The goal of the regional promotional centre is to be a gateway to local culture, a pleasant first contact for tourists arriving in the region for the first time and investors looking for opportunities. Expano consists of 4 parts – an exhibition of local culture, a tourist information centre and a shop, a restaurant and a business centre. The head of the project explains that it’s not feasible for Expano to provide visitors with the full experience of the region and that’s not the main goal. Instead, it aims to incentivize visitors to go out and explore, try out everything Slovenia has to offer. In other words, the role of Expano is that of a teaser trailer – to show off the best and most interesting places in the Pomurje region. The local government expects the opening to mark the beginning of the revitalisation of the region’s tourism industry by becoming a focal point of sorts through which visitors and investors will be more easily redirected and managed.

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