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Eysturkommuna - town hall built atop a river with a greenery-filled rooftop which doubles as a pedestrian bridge

Locals are invited to go for a swim and have picnics

  • September 02, 2018 21:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium town hall eysturkommuna henning larsen photo by nic lehoux 741.032 copy 1024x759
Source: Nic Lehoux

The beauty of the Faroe Islands lies in its dramatic hills, unspoiled moorlands, winding fjords, and bird-laden cliffs. The natural landscape has remained largely untouched for centuries. The Faroese people learned ages ago how to make the most of their natural resources and the value of respecting the environment, which explains how a newly built town hall in Nordragota on the island of Esturoy ended up looking as though it were chiseled into the landscape.

The Eysturkommuna town hall is built atop a river with a greenery-filled rooftop that doubles as a pedestrian bridge. Nature is utilized inside the structure, as well. In the council chamber hall, a circular opening covered with mirrored glass provides a direct view of the stream below, giving the impression of floating above river. In addition to providing the City Council and administrative staff a place to work, the town hall is intended to revive the local community and serve as a gathering spot for everyday use and special occasions. Both the terrace and the rooftop are open to the public, and locals are invited to go for a swim; have picnics on the grass; and attend talks, lectures, exhibitions, and other programming.

Source: architecturaldigest.com

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