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Feeling guilty about throwing away too much?

There is a funnier, cheaper and environment-friendly way of dealing with your broken gadgets

  • November 21, 2018 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

You have a broken camera, a damaged smart device or clothes worn out, but you are unwilling to throw them away, because you feel like there is more life before them? Whether because you are conscious about the environmental impact of excessive waste, or you simply love this old pair of trousers and the cute little baggy you bought last summer from Milano, don’t worry, help is coming along… and coffee, too.

Yes, you read this well: coffee. The Repair Café is an international initiative, rapidly growing in popularity, which aims to reduce the damages done by the throughway society. By repairing the goods that each individual is lacking the skills to save alone, their road to the trash is considerably extended and there is an additional positive upshot: we spend less money on useless things.

How it works? A Repair Café is open and free for anyone willing to have something repaired or to give a hand, be it an item of clothing, electronics, furniture or else. The organizers are responsible for providing the tools and machinery needed, as well as for the presence of professionals, capable of providing expert advice and helping the novices out.

In Belgium, repairtogether.be reports more than 90 separate events in November. At repaircafe.org there are around 1645 events listed, 1494 of which in Europe. Check them out, discover new or organize one in your city.

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