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First participatory budgeting scheme in Ireland

New project enables citizens to decide on the allocation of funds to projects in Cork

  • May 24, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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A grant scheme has been launched by the Cork City Public Participation Network (PPN) for its members in which the public will vote on how the funds are to be allocated. The Unheard Voices Scheme is in this sense a pioneer, as it is the first in Ireland to test participatory budgeting, report the local authorities. It has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of Atlantic Social Labs, Cork City Council and Enterprise Ireland with the independent PPN which receives public funding.

The scheme is open to community and volunteer organisations across the city of Cork, provided they are members of the Network. And although you might have missed the latest open call for applications (as the deadline expired yesterday, 23 May at 6 PM), don't let that discourage you as the Network is open to organisations willing to join and benefit from the scheme.

Once an application period expires, the submitted projects will be assessed by a jury comprising members of PPN, Cork City Council and Atlantic Social Labs. Depending on the number of votes, the organisations will receive a grant of EUR 150, EUR 250 or EUR 500 plus the basic amount of EUR 250 for each one of the six shortlisted applications which means that grants range from EUR 400 to EUR 750.

According to its Coordinator, Yvonne Murphy, by promoting public participation in decision-making the grant scheme wants to bring about higher involvement in the budgeting of the local government. Find more about the project from the City of Cork.

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