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First Polish city to join the UNESCO Learning Cities Network

Members of the network promote lifelong learning as means to achieve cohesion of communities

  • July 11, 2019 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Gdynia is the first city in Poland to become a member of the Global Network of UNESCO-Learning Cities. At the end of June, the city officially joined the international group of learning cities. This recognition is given for the actions taken to promote the sustainable development, the commitment to improving the quality of education at all levels and the increasing inclusion in decision-making processes of citizens.

This is an important moment because it is another confirmation of the good course Gdynia is on. The task of the self-government is to take care of residents of all ages, to constantly improve their quality of life, to create conditions for active participation in the city life, that is, to initiate changes or ventures. Gdynia's admission to the UNESCO Global Learning Cities Network proves that all these tasks are carried out on a global level, believes Wojciech Szczurek, Mayor of Gdynia. We want to be present in such forums, because thanks to them we can draw on good models and constantly develop. We can also tell others about effective solutions that make Gdynia a city of high quality of life. 

According to UNESCO, more than half of the world's population now lives in cities. In 2030, this indicator is expected to exceed 60 percent. It is a challenge that must be addressed to ensure cohesion and balance for cities and communities. Constant learning is seen as a solution to achieve this. It is with this belief that the Global Network of UNESCO-Learning Cities was established in 2015. Today, there are over 200 cities from five UNESCO regions. Every year, up to three cities from a given country can be included in the network.

Source: City of Gdynia

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