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Food in Copenhagen’s institutions goes green

Kitchens in the various institutions of the Danish capital will be serving environmentally friendly meals thanks to a new policy

  • November 17, 2020 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Citizens of the Danish capital of Copenhagen will be able to purchase more environmentally friendly meals in the cafeterias and restaurants at the various institutions in the city thanks to a new policy that was adopted by local authorities last week. The step builds upon the already solid foundations of climate-conscious foodstuffs that are purchased and procured by institutions and are yet another step towards sustainability in Copenhagen.

Going even further beyond

Almost 90% of the food in the 70,000 meals that are prepared each day in Copenhagen's kitchens is as of today organic. Now following the local governments most recent decision to go even further beyond, the municipality is further increasing the sustainable meal production for the city's citizens. Officials have chosen Løgismose Meyers A / S v. Meyers Madhus as a partner to, among other things advise kitchen staff in climate-friendly food and food waste management. Thus, Copenhageners can look forward to being served even more sustainable meals that combine health, good taste and responsibility for the climate.

“In the City of Copenhagen, we are now taking another important step in the green transition and investing in more climate-friendly food in our institutions. With the help of Meyers Madhus, we combine ecology, health and good taste with a more climate-friendly meal production. All for the benefit of the many children, the elderly and the vulnerable, who eat meals made by the municipality every day,” stated the city’s mayor Lars Weiss.

The agreement with Meyers Madhus is part of the City of Copenhagen's food and meal strategy. It makes up an essential part of achieving the municipality’s CO2 reduction target from food purchases by 25 per cent by 2025. Therefore, over the next four years, Meyers Madhus will, among other things, advise kitchen employees in ecology, in limiting food waste and developing courses with upskilling in climate-friendly food preparation that is adapted to the needs and prerequisites of each individual kitchen.

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