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Frankfurt plots massive tram expansion

In the future, trams should be arriving at each stop at least every 10 minutes

  • July 10, 2020 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Over the last 10 years, Frankfurt has gone through an enormous boom in the use of the city’s public transport network – most notably when it comes to the local trams. The surge has resulted in a net increase in passengers amounting to 37 per cent since 2010.

The increase in passenger traffic is in no small part owed to two main developments – on the one hand, the city’s growth and expansion and the increase in population, and on the other – the ever-increasing demand for more sustainable mobility solutions by citizens.

A need to take action

But the growth in popularity of public transport has come with a number of problems – or perhaps opportunities, for local authorities in the German city. The increased strain on traditional bus and tram routes has led officials to contemplate new ways to reinforce Frankfurt’s public transport network, allowing it to become more efficient and more attractive.

The local government’s focus will fall mainly onto tram traffic – one of the most frequently used transport alternatives in Frankfurt. Over the coming years, authorities will be implementing a series of measures for the improvement of the tram network that will result in an increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Officials will be focusing on improving the timetables of the service through the expansion and strengthening of the city’s public transport network and fleet. The end result, according to authorities, will be that trams will arrive every 10 minutes at each station and every 5 minutes at the most frequented and used locations and routes.

The choice for the development of the city’s tram network instead of the subway is driven not only by considerations for its use but also by financial concerns. Local authorities in Frankfurt claim that strengthening the city’s trams will be more cost-efficient and will lead to a better overall result for consumers and travellers.

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