Garbage bins in Lisbon tell when they are full

The smart technology will improve the efficiency of waste collection and resource management

  • April 01, 2019 14:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

The Municipality of Lisbon has implemented the IoT solution for the urban waste collection management, developed jointly by PT Empresas and Compta. The intelligent sensors are already in 1500 containers of the city, while the municipality plans to double this number in the near future.

Such solution would help the municipality of Lisbon to achieve savings, optimize processes and improve citizens’ day-to-day satisfaction. It would also help optimizing the allocation of human resources, material resources, and at the bottom line, financial resources. The analysis and treatment of the container filling levels would allow the municipality of Lisbon to optimize the collection routes.

The application works with a mathematical algorithm, that, based on statistics, can predict the filling behaviors of the containers and calculate the best collection routes. It works integrated with the volumetry sensors that communicate over GPRS/M2M, and transmit the filling level readings 3 times per day. With this solution, the municipality teams can monitor the filling levels of the containers in the different parts of the city, can respond effectively to unexpected filling peaks and obtain information on the kilograms of waste collected per day, week, and month or per container type.


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