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Gdynia to become the first Polish city with a large-scale 5G network

The city will be cooperating with provider Play for the first and largest 5G network in the country

  • January 12, 2020 13:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Wojciech Szczurek and Jean Marc Harion signed a memorandum regarding access, development and implementation of modern 5G technology solutions / play.pl

Gdynia becomes the first city in Poland in which the latest generation of the network has been introduced on such a large scale. This was made possible thanks to a memorandum signed on Tuesday between Jean Marc Harion, president of Play and Wojciech Szczurek, the Mayor of the City of Gdynia. The document treats the development and implementation of modern 5G technology solutions and launches the largest 5G network on the national scale, announced Play in a press release.

The agreement sets out the plan for cooperation in supporting the development of access to modern 5G technology and improving the availability of its infrastructure, development of the information society, dissemination of digital competence of residents and educational activities.

Gdynia – first 5G city in Poland

Play, the largest mobile network in Poland, explained that the memorandum is an important moment for the entire telecommunications industry in Poland because a 5G network has never been available at such large range. "The start of cooperation with the city of Gdynia as the first 5G city in Poland is a unique event that allows Play to introduce the local community to the path of the nationwide development of the latest generation technologies… Poland is one step away from the commercial introduction of 5G, dependent only on affordable frequency allocation, full implementation of EMF harmonization and necessary regulatory permits” explained the President of Play quoted by play.pl

“This unprecedented partnership with Play will allow our residents to take full advantage of the innovative solutions offered by the 5G network. Thanks to the wide scope of our cooperation, this technology will be available not only in laboratory conditions but also for individual users, higher education institutions and the elderly to promote digital integration. In Gdynia, we are open to initiatives aimed at facilitating the life of our modern community by providing new digital opportunities”, said the Mayor of Gdynia.

Latest generation connectivity for all users

Launching the 5G network in the Tri-City agglomeration for the local community is possible thanks to the existing Play 5G Ready network, which has been updated with appropriate software that implements dynamic frequency sharing and the use of time synchronization functionality on over 100 base stations. This is one of the first solutions of this type on a global scale, allowing for such widespread use of the latest generation technologies, even before the distribution of the so-called C-band frequencies. The company emphasizes that it is technically and technologically ready to introduce new generation connectivity to the standard offer.

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