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Get ready for Transport Day 2018: Urban mobility solutions to tackle climate change

This one day event aims to achieve improved treatment of urban mobility

  • November 16, 2018 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: PPMC

It is estimated that transport is responsible for about 20% of the global CO2 emissions and nearly a third of transport-related CO2 emissions originate from urban passenger transport. Transport plays a major role in pollution in cities, seriously affecting the health of its inhabitants. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change thus underlines importance of non-State actors in implementing the agreement. Measures taken at city level are becoming essential, when it comes to improving air quality, tackling congestion, quality of life, traffic safety and improving public health.

This year’s Transport Day will highlight the key role of cities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ameliorating air quality by implementing measures in the transport sector. It will showcase best practices from around the globe, including from European Union cities participating in the European Commission-funded CIVITAS Initiative which has been testing integrated packages of policies and measures to address transport, energy and environmental objectives for 15 years now.

Ultimately the event should lead to the improved treatment of urban mobility in the Nationally Determined Contributions being developed by States in 2019 and submitted to the UNFCCC in 2020.


When? Thursday, 6 December 2018

Where? “Miejski Dom Kultury”, Katowice, Poland

How? The entry is free upon preliminary registration.

Who?  Transport Day is jointly organized by the European Commission’s CIVITAS Initiative, SLoCaT on behalf of the PPMC, and is hosted and supported by the City of Katowice.


Source: Paris Process on Mobility And Climate (PPMC)

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