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Ghent is transforming the city’s local food system through participative governance models

The Belgium city uses food policy council to make their food system sustainable

  • January 12, 2019 15:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
Medium transformative action award winner 2018 small
Source: sustainablecities.eu

Current food systems are being challenged to provide permanent and reliable access to adequate, safe, local, diversified, fair, healthy and nutrient-rich food for all. Some cities have better food policies, others worse. The Belgium city of Ghent was awarded the title of “Transformative Action of the year 2018”.

The award rewards current or concluded Transformative Actions that address the pathways of the Basque Declaration related to three categories: socio-cultural transformation; socio-economic transformation; and technological transformation.

Ghent en Garde has brought significant change to the local food system. Through participative governance models, including a food policy council, Ghent’s food policy has moved from launching small-scale initiatives to bringing structural change to the food system. It is decreasing food waste, making food procurement more sustainable, scaling up short food supply chains and improving access to food.

The 5 strategic goals of the local food policy are:

  • A more visible, shorter food supply chain
  • More sustainable food production and consumption
  • Stronger social value for food initiatives
  • Reduce food waste
  • Reuse food waste and maximize its potential

Alongside the title, Ghent won 10 000 EUR to kick-start further Transformative Actions in their city.

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Source: sustainablecities.eu