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Gothenburg provides free digital assistance to seniors

Citizens over 65 who need help with tech or gadgets can count on the municipality to have their back

  • August 23, 2020 17:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium gothenburg
Source: Lars Lanhed, Göteborgs Stad

Seniors in the Swedish city of Gothenburg can seek assistance in all digital matters simply by ringing up the municipality’s support structures. The goal of this new initiative presented by the city’s authorities is to help the elderly population fare better during times of prolonged isolation when their main connection to their loved ones and the outside world are the internet and modern technology that they might not be too familiar with.

Acting in the interest of the vulnerable

Municipal workers will be ready to answer any and all questions related to technology, be they related to tips on how to better use the internet or instructions on how to make use of a gadget. According to local authorities, such assistance is crucial in preventing feelings of loneliness among the elderly, which might become overbearing during the pandemic. Thus, officials are ready to provide all kinds of advice that would be of use to those that are most vulnerable.

Furthermore, many municipal offices have a very rich digitalized offer. For example, the city’s libraries and museums have had large parts of their content digitized, thus giving the elderly a great opportunity to learn and find out new things and to read books that they might never have gotten their hands on under different circumstances.

“It has become clear with covid-19 how important it is for the target group of the elderly to be able to take part in the range that is available digitally in order to be part of society and feel increased community despite restrictions on social distancing” states Anna Hildesson, sector manager for elderly care.

The digital support project has been greenlit to run at the very least until 31 October.

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