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Graz holding exhibition dedicated to importance of insects

Titled “The Fly – Why we need insects”, the exhibition’s main goal is to showcase the importance of every single one of the small creatures

  • May 23, 2019 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The Graz Natural History Museum is devoting a special exhibition to the importance of insects and the role they play in our lives. Artist Natalie Port is heading the exhibition and has a simple message for people -"Is it not sad that we will have to eat artificially pollinated apples in the future?" Over 90% of plants are pollinated by insects – all of which are crucial to the survival of our eco system and are currently under threat from extinction. Climate change and deteriorating climate conditions have been especially hard on bees and other similar creatures. Natalie Port has been making precisely this tragedy the centerpiece of her exhibits for the past few years.

The Museum’s administration has placed the exhibition in two of the building’s rooms. One of them is dedicated to the insects themselves while the other one is dedicated to the plants, fruits and vegetables that will cease to exist if said insects go extinct.  The Granz Natural History Museum has also gone another step further – preparing panels and signs with interesting facts about all the insects that are presented in the exhibition and placing them around the artistic works.

You’ll be able to visit the exhibition until 11 August.

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