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Hamburg will host the 2021 National Cycling Congress

The 7th annual Congress will bring together cycling experts from around the country

  • October 12, 2019 10:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The federal German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has teamed up with the city of Hamburg to host the 7th annual National Cycling Congress in 2021.

The event will bring together cycling experts from all around the country in order to discuss ideas, share know-how and in general decide on the best way forward towards improving cycling conditions in Germany.

The nature of the Congress

Planners, politicians, industry representatives, scientists and all sorts of concerned associations and federations will be joining in on the debate on the challenges and opportunities facing the future of cycling as the go-to method of transport the country. They will also be discussing the further development of the German National Cycling Strategy.

Hamburg appears to be the perfect place to host the National Cycling Congress, as the city is by far one of the leading advocates of swapping cars for bicycles.

Hamburg – making cycling great again

The city has set for itself some incredibly ambitious goals. For example, it estimates that by the late 2020s cycling will account for around 25% of the overall traffic of the city.

According to Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, the benefits of citizens switching to cycling are extensive. Not only will such a change improve the overall health of residents, but it will also lead to positive environment change through the reduction of car usage.

Furthermore, representatives of the local government point to the fact that less card on the roads equals less pressure on the roads, thus they will require far less maintenance.

Of course, no city can go at it alone. Hamburg will be receiving 30 million euros over the next couple of years for the expansion of its cycling routes, further improving and promoting the bicycle-friendly atmosphere in the area.

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