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Have your coffee served by a robot in Budapest

Enjoy Robotics has more robots working than employees

  • February 10, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Enjoy Robotics, enjoyrobotics.com

Artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, chat sticks, robots, autonomous robots. The era of robots has begun. If you have thought it impossible to drink coffee served by robots, talk to a flower, get the information needed from a robot, it is all much closer than it seems, thanks to this coffee place in Budapest. Enjoy Robotics gathers the most interesting robots from all over the world at Enjoy Budapest Cafe and Apartment Hotel. Not only do they study, program robots, and implement the wildest ideas, but it is one of the few places where there are more robots working than employees.

For the curious amongst us, Enjoy Robotics allows to learn more about robots and robotics and research on the rapidly growing influence of computers in our lives. The site is not a open to anyone, however few they now about the subject.

E-Software Development Ltd, a market leader in software technologies, have launched the Enjoy Robotics Division in the end of 2018. In the coming years, they will aim to concentrate robotics research and development, with the objective of increasing their robotics revenues beyond traditional software development revenues.

Find Enjoy Robotics at Enjoy Budapest Cafe, Budapest, Hungary, Corvin Quarter, Prater u. 6-8.

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