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Help Leiden draft its bicycle policy

The third cycling city in the Netherlands needs it residents to become safer and more attractive

  • January 24, 2020 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Democracy requires important public decisions to be made with the consent of the people, at least the majority of them, by definition. Hence, public consultations on policy proposals are of utmost importance for a modern and developed city. Cycling is one of the top items on the mobility and health agenda of Leiden, which is why the municipality wants to decide together with the citizens on what its new bicycle policy should be. The ultimate goal: make cycling in the Dutch city safer and more attractive in the coming years.

Leiden - a true cycling city

Two out of every three people from Leiden take the bike every day, which makes it a true cycling city, boast local authorities pointing to the fact that they are the third bicycle city in the Netherlands. So far, the university city has received many suggestions, comments and wishes from various stakeholders, as part of different kinds of projects carried out in recent years: individuals, organisations and associations have also been surveyed. Now, they are turning to the citizens.

In order to get the best representation of cycling attitudes and opinions on the prospective cycling policy and its implementation, the Municipality of Leiden will be doing two things. Firstly, a survey is being conducted physically among the residents. Starting Monday, January 20, pollsters will be approaching citizens in the 10 districts in Leiden. There will be 10 questions and this will last for 10 days. Questions ask about the times of cycling per week, priorities, things to improve or change in the city as a whole and the neighbourhoods in particular.

Share your opinion on the cycling policy of Leiden

In addition, for those who have missed the surveyors, there is an online form to complete which will be open until 1st February 2020. So, if you live, work and study in Leiden, wait no more and share your concerns.

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