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High-level conference “Energy poverty and air pollution - the two faces of a (global) problem with solutions at the local level” in Sofia on 19-20 March

It is an official event in the agenda of the Bulgarian Precidency Council of the EU

  • March 14, 2018 21:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Municipal Energy Efficiency Network Bulgaria and European Covenant of Mayors are organiging a high-level conference in Sofia on finding solution to tackle energy poverty and air quality in South-East Europe. The hosts will bring together representatives of public authorities at central, regional and local level to discuss the effects of the EU's strategic and political approach to the process of shaping national policies in the Southeast European region, the role of multilevel governance and the incentive system to encourage local authorities to develop their own policies on citizens' access to energy services. 

The conference will outline the barriers and political limitations in the fight against energy poverty and air pollution in the region, focussing on the need to support long-term policies and market measures that have a sustainable impact on healthy and comfortable living environment for European citizens at affordable prices. The event is part of the Bulgarian Precidency Council of the EU agenda.

Source: Covenant of mayors for climate & energy

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