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Higher salaries for junior teachers in Warsaw since January

The Municipality of Warsaw has assured additional funding in order to motivate young staff

  • January 03, 2019 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Municipality of Warsaw

The school staff in 11 districts in the Polish capital, including trainees and contract teachers, is getting higher salaries since January 2019, as previously promised by the Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. The pay rise concerns around 30% of the teachers in Warsaw or more than 8 000 junior teachers and 1500 trainee teachers. The first step of the rise amounts to 39 million PLN (270 PLN or 63 euro for professionals with Masters degrees and 250 PLN or 58 euro for trainees respectively) and aims to motivate recent graduates to pursue a career in the educational system and to retain those who are already part of the system.

Normally, the matter of teachers pay is a governmental responsibility, which is managed by the Ministry of National Education, but the existing teachers salaries are estimated as highly insufficient to match those in other attractive sectors of the job market, thereby causing shortage of teaching staff. Accordingly, the additional municipal funding comes as a response to a highly competitive market, where competent personnel can easily find job opportunities. This is especially visible in public schools, in the context of increasing number of students and therefore – higher workload.

District Heads have already been notified and a large number of teachers have benefited from the increase in December.

Source: Municipality of Warsaw

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