Municipal council and mayoral election take place today in Salzburg

Source: Salzburg Municipality

Municipal council and mayoral election in the city of Salzburg will take place today, Sunday, 10 March 2019. A possibly necessary mayor runoff election will be after 14 days on March 24th. The elections will be 2 in 1, and will be more complicated, for that reason the municipality of Salzburg has conducted an information campaign in order to facilitate citizens' votes. 

                                                                                         Source: Salzburg Municipality 

Candidates for the post of mayor of Salzburg are eight. Six men and two women (listed in alphabetical order below):

  • Andreas Reindl
  • Bernhard Auinger (current Deputy Mayor)
  • Christoph Ferch
  • Hadwig Soyoye-Rothschädl
  • Harald Preuner (current Mayor)
  • Kay-Michael Dankl
  • Lukas Rößlhuber
  • Martina Berthold

Source: Salzburg Municipality