Feast of St. Peter and Paul in Rome

Source: TheMayor.EU

June 29th is the feast of St Peter and St Paul, the two patron saints of Rome - a public holiday within the Italian capital. St Peter, first bishop of Rome and namesake of the world's largest church, and St Paul are joint patrons of the Eternal City. Both apostles were martyred in Rome within 3 years of each other and both are said to be buried at the two basilicas that bear their names today: St Peter's at the Vatican, and St Paul's Outside the Walls, to the south of the historic centre. Both churches have matching statues of the saints. You'll also see them represented together on either side of the bridge leading to Castel Sant'Angelo, the riverside fortress that once protected the popes, St Peter holding the keys to heaven and St Paul the sword.

The Italian capital celebrates June 29th as an official holiday, so you will find some shops and offices closed and transport running on a limited schedule. But you can expect less disruption than you'd find on a nationwide holiday, with intercity transport operating as usual and most museums and visitor attractions remaining open.