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Hotline for psychological aid to parents launched in Belgium

It will be active during the Coronavirus lockdown

  • March 26, 2020 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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The coronavirus pandemic has brought more than one negative consequence in addition to the grave impact on healthcare and economies globally. As many countries in the EU have been imposing strict stay-at-home policies, a question before millions of parents remains open: how to deal with children not going to school and meeting any friends, while the world of adults is facing serious financial instability.

Toll-free professional help for the mind, available seven days a week

Naturally, this can cause stress, anxiety and fear to many. For them, the Belgian municipality of Gembloux (Province of Namur, Wallonia) has established a special service. With the objective to help parents in this extraordinary and particularly difficult situation, the local authority has launched a hotline for psychological help.

SOS parents offers free psychological support to parents confined to their homes. It was established for everyone suffering from exhaustion, who find themselves in difficulty or on the brink, trying to regain their parental balance, reads the municipal website.

Seven days a week between 8h and 20h local time, a specialist psychologist will be available for consultation at no charge. They simply need to dial the 0471/414 333 and wait for their turn.

Covid-19 in Belgium

Currently, the situation with coronavirus in Belgium looks quite differently across the three regions. The country counts 4 269 cases (as of 24 March) and 122 deaths, caused by the new disease. The registered cases are mostly in the region of Flanders (61 %), with the remaining 25 % of Covid-19 positive patients observed in Wallonia and 11 % in the Brussels Capital region.

The Belgian residents have been asked to stay home whenever possible during the pandemic. Furthermore, the Brussels South (Charleroi) Airport has been shut down temporarily due to reduced passenger flow and cancellation of routes.

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