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Huge project will transform Athens Riviera into a vast luxury complex

The investment is 8 billion euro

  • February 25, 2019 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

Only a few kilometres from the center of Athens, on the Attica’s coastline, the construction of the huge project to rejuvenate the spectacular seashore area is now under way. The coastline, famous as the Athens Riviera, is 70 km of beautiful scenery, clear waters, white sand beaches, marinas, hotels, villas, apartments, amusement parks and restaurants. The aim of the reconstruction of the area is to attract more foreign visitors all year round and attract new residents from Greece and abroad. What has been missing until now is the appropriate infrastructure, and that is now being created.

Huge project will transform Athens Riviera into a vast luxury complex

Five separate investment projects aim to transform the area, with the most ambitious plan turning the area into a vast luxury complex. The construction must begin in late 2019 and the investment is 8 billion euro by a conglomerate of Greek and foreign investors. In addition to a 2,000-acre city park, there will be a casino at the center of a luxury hotel complex, along with shopping centers, residential complexes and playing courts for various sports. The project is expected to increase annual tourism by 1 million travelers. 40,000 workers will be put to work in its construction, and 10,000 full-time employees will be needed for its operation.

Source: Greek Reporter

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